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By Dalegarz1
Our first 14 games encompassing the games in Florida and then the South Carolina tournament are against the following teams.
Mississippi State
Ole Miss
Florida State
Michigan (2)
Boston College

These are played from Feb 7-23.
For the softball fans out there-let's hear your prediction on how many wins LU will have at the end of this stretch.
By Dalegarz1
We need more power hitters than in years past-not necessarily home run hitters but players who can drive the ball into the gaps. It's difficult against top pitching to string a bunch of singles together and score a lot of runs. With that being said, if our hitting is improved but our pitching is down with the loss of Julia, we could have some struggles, especially out of conference.
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By Dalegarz1
Started 0-2 on this brutal stretch of games. Lost to Illinois 8-2. We committed the same # of errors as we had hits (4).
I know it's early but I am worried that these 14 games will be demoralizing for the team. I hope I'm wrong but look at the teams coming up that we are facing. DR has such as positive attitude- I hope she can transfer that to her team in the coming weeks. It's the side of coaching that happens outside the lines and is just as important as the technical aspects.
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By Purple Haize
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Dalegarz1 wrote: February 7th, 2020, 5:26 pm It's the side of coaching that happens outside the lines and is just as important as the technical aspects.
Agree 100%. Your fellow softball aficionado how’ve does not :D
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By adam42381
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At this point they’re 1-11 through 12 games. Is the team that bad or are they just not as good as the level of competition they’ve played so far?
By ballcoach15
The entire team is in a hitting slump. The "outs" are not line drives straight at fielders, or fly balls to warning track. They are weak grounders , pop ups and too many called 3rd strikes. Bad plate discipline. Team BA is .206
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By jinxy
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Way too tough of a schedule. I was hoping we would come out of this stretch with 3 wins as i thought 3 and 12 was best case. Were just completely overmatched and im not sure why anybody would have found that surprising with this level of comp.
By ballcoach15
Truth be known, our pitching has been better than expected, and it's getting better. Keerney has pitched well enough to win both games this weekend, she isn't getting any run support.
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