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By ballcoach15
N Florida is 4-5 in ASUN, 22-14 overall. .285 BA, 2.96 ERA. Top pitcher is 11-7 with 2.34 ERA.

We need a sweep to remain in first place in ASUN standings. I will depart for Jacksonville at 0700 in the morning.
By ballcoach15
We win game two, 5-1. McFarland , Amber Bishop and Griffin each had 2 hits. Cassidy went distance, allowing a 7th inning run.

I figured Sea of Red posters would have been all over this series. North Florida softball field is located behind the basketball arena.
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By Cider Jim
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Sounds like 2 great pitching performances, Ballcoach. :clapping :clapping
By oldflame
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ballcoach15 wrote:Pitching is carrying us right now. Struggling at the plate against average pitchers.
Hitting has not been dominant, but I wouldn't exactly call 12 runs in 3 games on the road "struggling".

BTW, we got the sweep, winning game 3 4-1. Julia went the distance for the win. Jaclyn Amader played LF, with Denay Griffin at 3b, and we played errorless defense.
By ballcoach15
If my memory is correct, we played errorless ball in the series.

(there were 2 balls hit to outfield yesterday that "fell in", that should have been caught.

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