The guys aren't the only ones swinging bats in the spring. You can follow the squad throughout the season and even get the latest on recruiting.

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By Cider Jim
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ballcoach15 wrote: October 15th, 2020, 12:21 pm I hear there's an intra-squad scrimmage tomorrow (Friday) at 2:00 p.m.
Sounds like a good time for an Old Men's Club reunion. :oldhag :oldhag :oldhag I wonder if TF can make it?
By ballcoach15
Softball scrimmage tomorrow is closed to the public, but will be live streamed. 4:00 p.m
By ballcoach15
Certainly was. Caroline Hudson had 3 doubles. Both teams played good defense. Matter of fact, in 5 scrimmage games this fall, I don't recall a single fielding error.
By Dalegarz1
I had a nice conversation with DR at the football game. As mentioned elsewhere, she thinks this year's team is the strongest ever. The real interesting news is that she believes next year they will be even stronger. A 6' 2" pitcher is coming who tops out at 70MPH! Ballcoach, you may have to watch a replay of the games in slow motion just to see her pitches! :)
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