The guys aren't the only ones swinging bats in the spring. You can follow the squad throughout the season and even get the latest on recruiting.
By ballcoach15
#547321 2 games at Kennesaw State have been added to schedule. (March 21)

Lu will embark on a "southern tour" starting March 20 at NC A&T, then to KSU, then back up to Presbyterian March 24-25.
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By Cider Jim
#547335 Ballcoach, do you like UVa better than Longwood?
By ballcoach15
#547339 Yes. I actually like UVA softball somewhat. I like their coach.

Tomorrow's game at UVA has been canceled. It will be played at LU when UVA comes to town, May 1, I believe.

If ESPN is going to Longwood to televise a game, they are hard up for a game.
By olldflame
ballcoach15 wrote:Longwood is not one of my favorite teams, actually they are my least favorite team, with no other team remotely close.

You have to agree though, that they must have a really GREAT coach to be as good as they are with such lousy facilities and a limited budget.