The guys aren't the only ones swinging bats in the spring. You can follow the squad throughout the season and even get the latest on recruiting.
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By Cider Jim
#543549 :clapping
By CarolinaBlue
#544576 Big steps ahead.... Last year was a huge step forward for Liberty Softball. Played a great schedule winning 5 ACC games, most wins in a season, and a NCIS National Championship. Schedules will not get easier going forward. Looking back the 2016 season was a let down but better recruiting has changed the level of play & culture. Pitching and Hitting improved last year while our defense is still the most help needed area. The Infield has to improve over last year. The 2018 Schedule will be a real tough schedule but should help LU move forward nationally. They just need a couple signature wins to help them believe.
By ballcoach15
#544601 Good post CarolinaBlue. If defense improves, pitching stays strong and players stay healthy, I see no reason why we cannot win BSC. Need to build good RPI, for favorable seeding, come NCAA tournament time.
Anything less than NCAA tournament bid, will be a disappointing season.
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By Eighty
#544625 The defense was much better last season. There are going to be errors in softball. The ball is coming much faster on the smaller field. If you watch the WCWS... there are errors. Last year LU 82 errors... opponents 127... that is a large delta.
In 2015 there were over 100.

Julia looked great in the fall. Kenzie will be missed. The remaining pitchers get hard, putting even more pressure on the infield.
By ballcoach15
#544630 DiMartino and Cassidy are "strikeout pitchers", for most part. For every batter that Ks, that's one play defense doesn't have to make.
In my opinion most of our errors came on routine hit balls.
By Dalegarz1
#544683 Outfield play has concerned me the past two years. It's not just errors of commission, but also ones of omission like throwing to the wrong base or improper angles on balls hit to the gap. Those "little" things are what separates the good from the great.
By ballcoach15
#544967 One look at the First Place Votes, tells me the pre-season poll has no weight, in that several teams received first place votes. I will be very disappointed if LU doesn't win regular season and the tournament this season.