The guys aren't the only ones swinging bats in the spring. You can follow the squad throughout the season and even get the latest on recruiting.
By ballcoach15
#533563 Since Sea of Red is almost dead these days, I decided to post some softball news.

Freisen made the Canadian Elite Team. They are playing in a Softball Canada Tournament with some other countries I believe. Story is on LU Softball page.
By ballcoach15
#533570 I haven't heard anything on recruiting other than the 5 we have reporting in this fall. I cannot wait til fall schedule kicks off. One thing for sure, if everyone returns and stays healthy, we will have good depth in 2018.
By Chippy
#533573 With 5 new ladies coming in, I wonder how that will work given there is only Friesen graduated. By my count there will be 27-28 on the roster in the Fall. I wonder if some of the ladies on the current roster will lose their scholarship?
By ballcoach15
#533589 Softball only has 11.5 scholarships . I doubt if anyone is on a "full ride".

The NCAA needs to increase the number of scholarships for softball and baseball. Heck basketball is allowed 13, if my memory is right. They only use 5 players at a time, where as softball uses 9 or 10 (DH). Using basic math, basketball has 8 scholarships sitting on bench, where as softball has 1.5. Now granted, basketball brings in more money than softball, but 2+2= 4, no matter how you add it up. NCAA should increase scholarships for softball and softball to at least 16.
By Dalegarz1
#533626 I agree with you Ballcoach about increasing the number of scholarships. I expect big things next season an also am looking forward to getting a peek at the team this Fall. On a side note, it's nice to be on a thread where there is real discussion on issues that have substance as opposed to the juvenile personality clashes on the football forum.
By ballcoach15
#533627 I agree. About the only thing I now read on football board is CiderJim's posts. Also, too much stuff on there about who has been offered a scholarship . I pay very little , if any, attention as to who has an "offer". Once a player commits or signed the LOI, then I pay attention.
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By Sly Fox
#533682 The recruiting stuff has its own subforum. The main football forum doesn't list the offers.
By oldflame
ballcoach15 wrote:Great move to give recruiting its own forum. Prospect offers had just about ruined entire message board.

Or kept it alive, depending on your point of view. As is frequently the case, you are mistaking your personal opinion for fact. Your self-importance borders on mind-boggling at times. The fact is that during this part of the year, discussion of football recruiting is pretty much all that is going on, not only here, but on most similar message boards. I actually agree that it was a good move to separate the recruiting discussion, but the fact is, for the most part, there have been crickets chirping in the non-recruiting section.
By ballcoach15
#533735 I have been "around" football recruiting for a long time. Long enough to never get excited or "lose sleep" over any recruiting news, when it "only involves making an offer".

Truth be known, I won't get excited again, until the Fall Softball Schedule is released.