The guys aren't the only ones swinging bats in the spring. You can follow the squad throughout the season and even get the latest on recruiting.
By ballcoach15
#526813 The schedule gets tougher this week as Flames travel to California. Oregon and UCLA are top 10 teams. Loyola Marymount, UC Davis, St. Mary's, and Cal Poly round out schedule.

Granted the opponent's pitching wasn't great in Florida, but LU ranks among leaders in NCAA D1 stats after 1 week of play:

OB%: 1st
Batting average: 4th
runs per game: 4th
stolen bases: 5th
Triples: 5th
Slugging %: 7th
ERA: 25th
Doubles: 32
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By Sly Fox
#526832 Defeinitely stepping up the competition. Hopefully the ladies keep surprising us.
By ballcoach15
#527098 Anyone know where I can find "live" updates to this game. It appears they have blocked out all internet access to game, other than Flopro or something like that, which charges 16.95 a month to watch game online.
By ballcoach15
#527110 LU losing 6-3. LU had 3-0 lead. gave up 3 run homer. Pitching change. Then 4 walks in one inning.

Need to win this one with the bats
By ballcoach15
#527270 Lose to ULCA 7-1. not good weekend, but the first 2 games were winnable. Now head to Florida next weekend, for more tough games, I think we will do better at Disney.
By ballcoach15
#527285 She pitched 2 games in Florida, one start, one out of bullpen. She was involved in a collision with 1B, then gave up HR on next pitch. Someone said she may have hurt her hand . Probably just holding her back until back to 100%. Hopefully she will be ready to go this weekend.
If we get pitching staff straighten out, we should be in good shape. Most teams ride one or two pitchers. We have 5 who can win games, if match-ups are good.
By CarolinaBlue
#527347 The Pitcher from Cal Poly was very good. We helped her by swinging at rise balls that were way to high. Hitters have to stay disciplined. The UCLA game was a very good outing for C. Cassady, she pitched up to the 6th inning holding UCLA to 3 runs only 2 earned. We were down 3-1 into the bottom of the 6th. Liz Engler came in and did a good job but a few mistakes cost us the 4 other runs. We pitched and played way better than the final score reflected. We should have won the first two games on Friday.