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By TylerBakersGonnaBGreat
Millrats guard Dwight Brewington was named the championship MVP with 35 points, 11 rebounds, and 6 assists, while teammate Eric Downie added 24 points and 14 boards. Big men Sam Carey and Stanley Occitti, despite being hampered all game with foul trouble, combined for 30 points and 30 rebounds. Former University of Maine star, Kevin Reed, was steady with 17 points. Former Jersey Express guard Amin Wright scored 51 for the Renegades in a losing effort.

Apparently he is turning a lot of heads... He called me the other day so I started googling (sp?) him to see how he was doing.... Hes playing in the ABA now for the Manchester Millrats. He might be on his way to be an ABA MVP!
By thepostman
wow good for him..glad to see things seem to be going well for him
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By flamesbball84
next stop: europe

i'm guessing. he'd get more money there than he would here in america. unless he manages to get to the nba and do good there.
By SuperJon
The athletic site has it up that Brew just signed to play in Israel.
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By flamesbball84
SuperJon wrote:The athletic site has it up that Brew just signed to play in Israel.
Looks like I was correct, although Israel is technically in the middle east geographically I suppose, they are part of the europe fiba region.
By TDDance234
We're compiling quite a roster of overseas players. Congrats to Brew!
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By "R" i "
brew is in Isreal, the chosen one will be in china for the olympic games 8)
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By ToTheLeft
[quote=""R" i ""]brew is in Isreal, the chosen one will be in china for the olympic games 8)[/quote]

Barack is going to the Olympics?
By TylerBakersGonnaBGreat
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By Fumblerooskies
Great for him...
...with those stats he's a one man festival of lights!
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By dompennix

now thats just bad
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By Sly Fox
Dime Magazine wrote:PLAYGROUND / JUL 22, 2010 / 1:15 PM



There’s something about that sound, when ball meets net in the most beautiful of collisions, which separates the sport of basketball from all others. A hockey puck clanking off the post on a slapshot or a soccer ball silently curling its way into the top corner could never match the purity of resonance when a clean jumper finds the bottom of the net. If anyone should know that sound, it’s Dwight Brewington.

The 26-year-old Massachusetts native, who played his last year of high school ball with Worcester Academy before committing to nearby Providence College, always had the reputation as a shooter. After leading Worcester to its first conference title in over 15 years, Brewington stepped onto the Providence campus in 2003 as an untested freshman eager to prove the doubters wrong. There were always people who said he couldn’t do it. It’s part of the territory when you’re born deaf and can’t survive without the help of two hearing aids.
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By Sly Fox
It appears Brew has now picked up the whistle ... wrote:In coaching, Lynn's Brewington finds new purpose

August, 21, 2011 1:51 PM ET
By Matt Stout

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- For nearly an hour Thursday, the pace was frenetic. Weaving through a maze of cones and crossovers, 17 basketball players sprint back and forth from all corners of the Frisoli Youth Center. Their only break from the tireless shooting and dribbling drills is the occasional one-minute breather -- and the far more frequent set of push-ups.

“Stop! Stop!” a voice shouts, freezing everyone on the court. “Push ups! I’ll tell you why afterward.”

Dwight Brewington walks around his players as most struggle to finish the set. He then grabs a ball and instead of telling his players the reason for the punishment, he shows them. His slick, 6-foot-5 frame glides quickly through the cones at a gear coaches love to call “game-speed,” and Brewington would too if he called himself a coach.

“You gotta push it!” he tells them.
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