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By Sly Fox
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As part of my little Wiki-Project involving LU football coaches, I have got a Wikipedia page up now for our second ever head football coach at LU:

John Cartwright

Frankly I didn't know anything about him but I found his story interesting. And little did I know that he currently pastors a church in the Philly area.

They have links to him playing QB at Navy as part of a video called 'Passer to Pastor':

Passer to Pastor


He even had an episode of the radio show 'Unshackled' about his life in football and the ministry.
By 4everfsu
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He was coaching football at LBC at the same time attending Lynchburg Baptist Seminary. I remember talking to him and he was a down to earth guy. If I remember correctly he followed Roger Staubach at the Navy Academy and broke his football records.

I wrote this before reading the article so all the above were from memory.

If you watch the video what is funny is to see the size of the players then especially offensive linemen to today's
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By flameshaw
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Coach Cartwright was/is a great guy, very down to earth and a wonderful christian. He was the right guy in the right place when Coach Royer was killed in the plane accident. Would like to see him again.
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By Rockthejungle
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You did a terrific job on this history of the college coaches at Liberty ...Coach Dowling was the star of the football team at Georgetown while my uncle was the star of the basketball team.
But what is so sad i never got a chance to talk to Coach Dowling while he was at LU.
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By Sly Fox
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Thanks to Jonathan Falwell for pointing this out via Twitter: ... oting.html

You can vote for two QBs and one is obvious to even the most casual fans. One of the others I have a connection to from running a recruiting site in Austin back in the day. But Pastor/Coach Cartwright deserves some love from FlameFans.
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By Sly Fox
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Liberty News wrote:Former Flames Football coach featured on ESPN’s ‘College GameDay’

December 14, 2017 : Liberty University News Service

John Cartwright and his wife, Thelma, surprised his former coach from Navy, Lee Corso, at Saturday's Navy-Army football game in Philadelphia. (Submitted photo)

Before becoming Liberty University’s second head football coach in the mid-1970s, John Cartwright was the starting quarterback for the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.

On Saturday, Cartwright and his family attended the annual Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia. It was the 50th anniversary of Cartwright’s last game with the Midshipmen, when he led them to a 19-14 upset victory over the Black Knights on Dec. 2, 1967, in Philadelphia. Cartwright and two of his former Midshipmen teammates surprised their coach, Lee Corso, a football analyst on ESPN’s “College GameDay,” in a live pregame broadcast.
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