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I'd be interested in knowing too. The last I heard was MANY years ago when he left his assistant coaching job here to "pursue business opportunities in California."
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I'm moving this to the Missing Persons Bureau.
#553428 wrote:Friends, Fellowship and an Ed Vickers’ Fish Fry
By Lisa Shell


Fishing is pure joy for Ed Vickers, a happy return customer of the F/V Freedom. Vickers owns and operates the tax firm A-Taxes, LLC. He also started, “the best community fish fry in Clark County.”

Each year, Ed takes a well-earned break after tax season. He packs, hooks up the fifth wheel trailer, loads his freezer and drives northwest from his home in Vancouver, Washington, settling in at the American Sunset RV and Tent Resort in Westport. This dedicated fisherman rises early, puts his gear on and heads to the marina. At Float 8, he steps aboard greets the crew, and settles in for a ride out to the fishing area.
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He was on campus last year with his son, who is quite the high school basketball player. Ed was blown away by how much LU has grown and prospered. Ballcoach can probably give you more details, once he consults with his "sources."
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