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Great article in today's paper about George Rogers, a former LU administrator, who is now 96 years old. We also have a statue of him at Williams Stadium.
Timberlake man who was POW in WWII plans return to Japan
Rogers, 96, of Timberlake, plans to return to Japan in the fall — for the first time since he was freed from a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp in August 1945. The trip is part of the Japanese government’s ongoing effort to establish friendship and seek forgiveness from former prisoners of war.

“The government is feeling poorly about interning them and inviting all ex-POWs to spend 10 days. They gave him a choice of where he wanted to visit; one was the steel mill he worked at,” said Rogers’ son, Jeffrey Rogers.

“I was thinking that they were trying to make amends for how they treated us during the war,” George Rogers said. ... 396f7.html
Interesting cost saving move by the Japanese Government. Wait til 99.9% of the POWs are dead and then make a generous offer like this. Glad to hear that George has not only made it to 96, but apparently still feels good enough to travel half way around the world. I hope he has a great trip.
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