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By BJWilliams
Was going through the guide last week and noticed a high school football game on one of the ESPN networks. when I checked it out, it was Leeds HS out of Alabama vs. Madison Academy. it was noteworthy to me because Dr Cohu, who I along with a couple other FFers had for Coaching Football (and of course my embarrasingly bad speech) is tbhe head coach at Madison...he's carved himself a nice little career down there, taking them to back to back state titles in 2012 and 2013 and until Friday, one of the longest winning streaks in Alabama (they lost 27-24).
By JK37
Best professor I had in SMGT there, and it wasn't even close. That said, his Finance class was HARD. Made me proud to get an A in it. Great guy and teacher!
By SuperJon
Dude was good. I was a big fan. His classes were hard but they weren't hard for the sake of being hard. You felt like you were actually learning.

That and he taught the infamous Coaching Football class BJ was in.
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By BJWilliams
You're right about the class Jon...I would not be surprised if more than a few people now have jobs out of all the people that took his class.

TDDance, he actually was at LCA for a couple seasons and did very well there before getting offered the job in Alabama. he probably is one of the most underrated but excellent coaches out there, and certainly was also one of my favorites as well
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By flamesfilmguy
I talked with him a few weeks ago before the season started. He's won a state title at madison since he left Liberty. He's apparently doing very well there. I always loved his classes. despite them being hard.
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