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By ALUmnus
One of our own quoted in the current front-page story over at Baptist Press. Tally-ho! No reference to FlameFans, though.
To encourage passionate planning and praying, Tally Wilgis, pastor of Captivate Christian Church in Towson, Md., pointed to the large amount of money spent on the Preakness horse race, held at nearby Pimlico Race Course.

In May, more than 117,000 people flooded the race course and more than $80 million was wagered in the week leading up to the Preakness, including $50 million on the day of the race, Wilgis said.

The state of Maryland and the city of Baltimore took in an excess of $40 million through economic revenue, he added.

"The goal of this race, which lasted less than two minutes, was to see which horse would get across an imaginary line first," Wilgis said. "And then it was over."

Wilgis observed that people who don't know the Lord are preparing well over a year in advance for a race where horses will cross an imaginary line because of an "expectation for what might happen a year from now."

Pointing to Ezekiel 37, where God breathes life into dry bones, Wilgis urged pastors and church members to plan next year's Crossover with even greater anticipation.

"We gather together ... with a hopeful and prayerful optimism that maybe, just maybe, the Lord might see fit to bring to Baltimore an event far more than any horse race," he said. "We're coming together to seek God to have His Spirit fall on us and stir a citywide revival."
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