The gathering place for LU alumni to wax nostalgic about their glory days and tell current students how easy they have it. Old hags & bright-eyed and bushytailed recent grads both welcome.
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By BJWilliams
I think he was leader of the Crunch Bunch flag football team when I was in undergrad. Great to see him making big things happen
By thepostman
Above and Beyond use to go up to the camp I worked at every summer up in Maine. His dad once lead the ministry. He and I did not get along but we were both young and had egos...but glad to see he is doing good. He is a very talented guy.


I just read the full article and he pretty much sums up exactly how he was when he was younger. I was much the same, and had a similar kind of realization at a point in my life. Glad he is doing great things, like I said he is a talented guy.
By jmdickens
yeah, I did too. I just attended the wedding of that girl from LU. :shock:

didn't realize that about the high school girl. But we are all sinners
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