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This is the church that birthed Tenn. Temple University where Lee Roberson was the pastor for many decades. Now it has a 28-year-old pastor who is a Liberty alum. I hope HMO is all over this. Anybody remember him from his LU days?
Dr. Jeremy Roberts, 28, is the new Pastor of Highland Park Baptist Church. Previously, Dr. Roberts served as Adjunct Professor at Criswell College, Dallas, TX and Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA...
Jeremy earned his Master of Divinity (M.Div) from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX and a his Bachelor of Science (BS), Master of Arts (MA), and Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) from Liberty University where he served as President of the student body.
Jeremy Roberty just shared this story on Facebook, and Dr. Connie Pearson confirmed it.

Has anyone heard this story before?

From Jeremy:
Today I learned that Jerry Falwell birthed the idea of Liberty University while sitting in a car in front of Phillips Chapel at Highland Park/TN Temple. Wow!
From Dr. Pearson:
Dr. Falwell told me that story, himself. While I served on Dr. Falwell's cabinet, we often spoke of TTU. It was in one of those conversations that he told me that story. Dr. Faulkner, in whose car Dr. Falwell was sitting in front of the Phillips Chapel on the campus of TTU, had also shared that story with me. Dr. Falwell's words were, "I told J.R. that I wanted to start a college in Lynchburg and asked him how to do it. That's where Liberty was born."
I heard the story that Dr Falwell asked Dr Robertson about starting a christian college.
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