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By Purple Haize
SuperJon wrote:BJ thinks the school can do know wrong.
Well heck ALL successful Athletic Programs merge their marketing with the University at large
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By BJWilliams
It's not that I think the school can do NO wrong (although I think I would KNOW wrong when I see it). My feeling is to wait and pass judgement as things develop. Making snap judgements can sometimes bite you if you're not careful (especially if the assumption you made in your judgement turns out to be inaccurate or unfounded)
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By Purple Haize
Judging quickly is not the same as a snap judgement. There is no precedent for this type of move. There is a reason for that. Granted our athletic department is run differently then most 'Big Time" programs, but this makes 0 sense. Bt I no longer have a dog in the fight so good luck with that.
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