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The print article was much longer and made the LU connection.
Head coaches named for E.C. Glass, Heritage football
Lynchburg News and Advance
Published: February 07, 2012
Following a unanimous vote by the school board, Superintendent Larry Massie announced two new head coaches for the high school football teams.

At E.C. glass - Ben Martin, the head football coach at Appomattox County High School.

At Heritage - Brad Bradley, the head football coach at Amelia County High School.

"On behalf of Lynchburg City Schools we are pleased to welcome these two outstanding coaches and teachers," Massie said.
LU has come a long way. Less than 20 years ago, Lynchburg public schools wouldn't even let LU education majors student teach in the city. Now, we have teachers, coaches, and even principals in the Lynchburg public schools. ... r-1671673/
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