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By Cider Jim
Nice article in the local paper by someone not named Lang:
LCA solidifying defense under new coordinator Chris Rocco
By: Nathan Warters
Published: August 24, 2011
Few people know the ins and outs of Liberty Christian Academy’s 3-4 defense better than Chris Rocco.

It’s very similar to the defense he played as a high schooler at LCA and as a college standout at Liberty University, and he spent a year helping coach it as a graduate assistant with the Flames last season.

Now he brings his expertise back to LCA as an assistant coach for his father, head coach Frank Rocco. Funny how things come full circle.

"I think he and I have always had the understanding that it was my desire to coach for him and his desire to have me coach for him when I had the opportunity," the younger Rocco said. "So the opportunity arose, and I made the most of it, and it’s been very good so far."

The addition of the 24-year old Rocco, who will call plays as the Bulldogs’ defensive coordinator, is one of a few to a revamped coaching staff
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