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By Sly Fox
He apparently has surfaced at Tennessee Temple of all places. How about that, CJ?
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By Cider Jim
He would be a SUPERSTAR there. I would love to know the recruiting story that brought him there. He's probably the most talented basketball player there since the Ole Miss transfer Anthony Eubanks who was there in the early 1980s.
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By Cider Jim
At the NCCAA level, Temple may play Brolin at the 4 or 5.
By Hold My Own
Makes sense to me....I hear they are trying to clean things up around there.
By jmdickens
Wow....Did he ever consider coming back to LU?
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By Cider Jim

For those of you who remember Brolin Floyd, he will be playing against Southern Virginia University in nearby Buena Vista, VA in a tournament on January 12-13. Tenn. Temple has signed 6 DI transfers, including Brolin Floyd.
By Hold My Own
Hold My Own wrote:Makes sense to me....I hear they are trying to clean things up around there.

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By jcmanson
I guess Tenn Temple is taking our "win at all costs" approach.
By phoenix
Seems like Temple is taking a lot from the Liberty University playbook.
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By jcmanson
jcmanson wrote:Ha, he won't last.
Told you :lol:
By 4everfsu
Rumor has it from TTU he likes weed too much.
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By jcmanson
4everfsu wrote:Rumor has it from TTU he likes weed too much.
It's no rumor. Brolin actually makes it very public
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By Sly Fox
Unless somebody hacked his account today, Brolin made another detail public today via Facebook.

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By BJWilliams
:shock: I hope the same Sly (with all deference to ATrain)
By NG33
He was definitely hacked haha his profile is all back to normal now
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