The gathering place for LU alumni to wax nostalgic about their glory days and tell current students how easy they have it. Old hags & bright-eyed and bushytailed recent grads both welcome.
By ALUmnus
PAmedic wrote:someone provide a link or stream. If the kid even approaches "Boom Goes the Dynamite" level this is worth getting up to listen. At least once.
It's not the type of 80's music that you listen to, trust me.
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By Purple Haize
PAmedic wrote:most Rez Band.

will bring more later...
PA you are spot on. Think of all the artist that have ties to JPUSA! I would also add Steve Taylor
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By jbock13
TDDance234 wrote:Haven't heard Zao in a long time.
They're still around. Although their new stuff isn't as good. The Funeral of God was their last good album.
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