The gathering place for LU alumni to wax nostalgic about their glory days and tell current students how easy they have it. Old hags & bright-eyed and bushytailed recent grads both welcome.
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By Sly Fox
I know we have a slew of alumni on the board these days. Back on the Firehouse we started a thread to give everybody a chance to give a little backgrounder on themselves. Since we have so many new members I thought it might be a good idea to bring back the concept. Perhaps it might even help a few of reconnect. Obviously, many would like to maintain anonimity on the board and that is perfectly cool. So don't feel compelled to use your real name unless you feel so inclined. I'll get things started:

Randy Sumner
BS in Communications '89
Broadcast Management

Dorm 25-2 in '85-'86
Dorm 25-1 in '86-'87
Dorm 13 in Fall '87
County Green Apts Spring '88-'89

Worked at WLBU-AM on campus for a year and then worked at various off-campus radio stations under an assumed name. Also was house voice for Fox-21 for several years in commercials and station imaging.

Originally from Cincinnati
Graduated from Quincy (IL) HS
Currently live in Houston
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By Baldspot
Jeff Shatto
BS in Communications '88
Broadcast Management

Dorm 8 fall '83 till '88 missing a semester in between.
Dorm 22-3? football dorm.
RA in a hotel, dorms 8 and 22-3 with golfers, football players and for a short stint with Mr Scar.
RD '89-'92 senior dorms and dorm 1 and volunteered in SID office on weekends.
Obtained M.Ad. - Personnel Mgmt from Lynchburg College '93.

Originally from Harrisburg, PA
Currently live in Parkesburg, PA and work in Phila area in insurance.
Love talking politics, Penn St, Steelers, Phillies and Sixers.
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Tim Scarborough - Former Liberty Flames Basketball Player, Coach and current Color commentator on Flames Television Network. Played for and worked with Jeff Meyer. Originally from Philadelphia and got to play against a couple of my college teammates in High School (Steve Farquahar and Paul Nazigian). Played against Pamedic in High School as well. I am one of several media members on this board. I am also a professional Project Manager having worked for companies like Nextel, Anthem Blue Cross, AOL and AT&T mostly in the DC area and recently in the Richmond area. My wife (Mrs SCAR) and I live in Lynchburg. I lived in Dorm 8 under the direction of Jeff Shatto for a few months then moved to the Basketball dorm 23-2. I have a video of my DUNK ON ESPN that I won't let anyone within ear shot of me forget if you want to visit Stately Scarborough Manor (as Medic calls it), I will gladly play it for you over and over and over...
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By SeoulFlame
Ben Hale
BS in Business '01

Dorm 8 - Spring 97
Dorm 12 - All 97-98
Dorm 9 - 98-99
Off Campus - 99-01 (Got Married)

Worked as a manager at Sears in the Mall for 3 years of school.
Currently an Athletic Director at International Christian School in Seoul, Korea. I also coach girls basketball and boys volleyball.

I am a second generation LU grad (father is Joe Hale '77). My parent were missionaries in Korea and I and two of my brothers were born here. I call Memphis, my parents home, my home in the U.S.A. I am married and have 1 boy (almost 2 years old) and one on the way in May.

You guys rock!!!
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By PAmedic
can't reveal my street name- would have to kill most of you

1988 Dorm 12
1989 Dorm 12 (the place grew on me)
1990 crawled back home to PA, broke

loved LU but had issues at the time (!)

History Ed major, worked at Holiday Inn, managed 2 serous injuries (head/back/torso shot from car vs me on my bike- not funny, and the tragic indoor-soccer/wrestling career ending knee job)

currently working as a Paramedic/FF in the Philly burbs and making very little money doing so.
have (1) beautiful fiancee and (2) great kids (ages 12 and 6)

astounded by changes on campus in the 17 yrs since I've been there, have since visited twice
By Thotprovkr
Jeremy Henry
B.S. Government Dec. '94
Politics and Public Policy

Dorm 7-2 '92-93
Dorm 32 '93-94
Somewhere on the hill Fall '94

LU Varsity Cheerleader '92-'94
LU Cheerleading Coach '98-'02

Currently live in Tobaccoville (yeah, dont laugh) NC with wife and 15 mo. son. Manage a cheerleading and tumbling gym and travel throughout God's creation during the summers doing cheerleading camps. Will start Police Academy in April '06 (God willing) with Winston-Salem Police Department.
By LUcheer
I was on the old board. My name is Brenda and I attended LU from '92 - '95 ended with no degree but became a mom.
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By Sly Fox
Go ahead and register, Brenda. Then head to the Other Sports forum and head to the Cheerleading thread.
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By topcat86
Queen of the Old Hags -topcat86 here!
Great new sight Sly -

Tonia Curtis Harrison - Class of '86
BS - Psychology
MA - Counseling

Dorm 13 '80-81
Took a few years off to "find myself"
Dorm 14 '83-84
Off campus '84-85

Live in Michigan with my husband, (Don Harrison, '85 BA Accounting) and 2 girls 11 & 16
Love to follow the going ons at LU - usually make it down every 6-12 months to visit family and friends. Will probably be bringing our daughter down as a student in the next year!!
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By Sly Fox
Thanks for the props and welcome to the new board, topcat. She's one of the old school posters from back when we were first getting things rolling at the Firehouse. Thanks for registering and we look forward to you jumping right in.
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By PAmedic
we gotta get her that TOPCAT pic from the other site- that was priceless

*found it*

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By jimflamesfan

Jim Kopco. Went to LU from 97-99 undergraduate, then 99-00 seminary. Married to Julie (Health Promotions 00 LU grad).

Worked at an insurance company in Lynchburg from 00-05, and attended almost all home football and basketball games...

Currently a pastor in Halifax, VA

I now get Sky Angel so I can watch SCAR and LU basketball.

I made the first hockey game, and I have already ice skated at LaHaye.

I was in the marching band when I was at LU, and I liked going to the ice hockey games in Roanoke.
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By belcherboy
Andrew Cook
'93-'00 (Graduated 2000 with Elementary Education certification)

Dorm 10 '93-94
Dorm 7-1 '94-'96
Dorm 31 '96-'97
619 Mill Stream Lane '97-'00

Nice to see another Liberty Flames board!!

If you want to see some old school liberty pictures of myself and my buddies, go here:

I also have newer pics on (you'll have to look me up though)
By bigsmooth
Mark Journell
BS-Business and Sports Management '93

Dorm 13 in 89-90
Dorm 1 in 90-91
off campus my jr/sr years

originally from roanoke, va. but have lived in DC, Atlanta, and Raleigh. i currently reside in Raleigh, NC.

I have been in the sales world for most of my professional career, except for a brief one year stint at VMI.
By Thelaxman
John Edwin Westfall

Hometown Westminster, Maryland
Birthplace Baltimore, Maryland

Westminster High School 1978-1982 Lettermen in both Football and Lacrosse

Transfer Catonsville Community College Baltimore, Maryland
Played Lacrosse at CCC in 1983.

Dorm 1 1983-1984
Dorm 23 3rd Floor 1984-1985 The guy hanging out the window picking up dates with no shirt on.
Dorm 5 1st Floor Fall 1985
Off campus Spring 1986
Off Campus Fall 1986
Dorm 26 third Floor Spring 1987

BS in Communications May 1987
Favorite Teacher: Mr. Pickering

Help start LU Lacrosse Team in 1985, Captain of the LU Lacrosse team in 1986. Played on the LU Lacrosse team from 1985-1987. Help restart Lacrosse team at Liberty in 2002. Coached several games and practices in 2002- 2003 and was the Head Coach of the LU Lacrosse Team from 2003-2005

Married 1990 (Lisa) Baltimore, Maryland

Three Children Jackson, Jeremiah both 8 and are twins. Jenna 2.

Lived in Lancaster Pa and worked at WGAL TV8 in 1987. Attended Grad School in Regent University in 1988 and worked for NBC in Hollywood California in 1988. Was employed in 1989 with Piedmont Airlines which became US Airways. Also returned home to Baltimore. Worked for US Airways in Baltimore, Washington DC and NewYork NY, Albuquerque,Las Vegas, Denver and Charlotte, Took early retirement from US Airways in Nov.2005. Returned home to New Mexico. Now employed with Sprint Communications. Also worked at KRQE TV13 in Albuquerque for a year while working at US Airways in Albuquerque.


Coach of the year Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Conference 1999 Colorado School of Mines
Coach of the Year SouthEastern Lacrosse Conference 2005 Liberty University
Overall Colligate coaching record 84-67

1995-1997 University of New Mexico
1997-1999 Colorado School of Mines
1999-2000 University of South Carolina
2000-2003 Winthrop University
2003-2005 Liberty University

2006- present working as a consultant and part time Coach for the University of New Mexico due to my health. ... /coach.htm

All the best,

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By PastorZack
Zack Felter

Born in Texas, grew up in Vidor. Went to Texas A&M for two years before I felt God leading me to LU after turning them down out of High School. Came to LU on a debate scholarship in 1995. Quit the debate team two weeks into it to try out for the baseball team. Coach Hutton just loved the fact that I had 4 knee surgeries already so he told me to give baseball up.

I met my future wife the 1st weekend at LU. We met at the late-night the first weekend. We dated for 4 year before we got married up here in PA.

I lived in the trailer park, Dorm 14, Rm 21 for a year.
I was a SLD on Dorm 2, back when we were over the campus pastors office and the RD
then moved back to Dorm 14 as a RA, then moved back to Dorm 2 as an RA the next year. I just loved getting calls from the RD that lived below us.

Now reside in Parkesburg,PA with my LU alumni wife, Heather and our two little boys, 4 year old Jonathan and 1 year old Nathanael. I am the youth pastor at Wyebrook Baptist Church in Elverson,PA for my full-time/part-time job. But have to work at a Honda Dealership in West Chester,PA to put food on the table, if you know what I mean?
By Jasmen8182
Right now just out that one of my roomies is to the right of Sly in the 1989 SELAH. (Everyone looks like kids.)
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By Sly Fox
I don't have the '89 Selah since I graduated before it came out. But I admit being intrigued. I wonder if anybody has age old horror stories to tell about me besides thelaxman.
By 4everfsu
**** *******

Hometown: Tampa Fl

Graduate of Lynchburg Baptist College- 1975 with the founding class, major - Religion, minors, History, PE and Theology (At that time not a wide choice of majors)

Residence - Soph year the red barn on Treasure Island, after that the trailer park next to Lynchburg's airport.

Visited Libery Mtn the first time in 30 yrs since I graduated at the 2005 homecoming game, I was overwhelmed by what God has done since then as Liberty MTN was a prayer only when I attended LBC. All my classes were taken at TRBC during my education.

Currently a system programmer for Bank of America, I live in Morganton NC on a hilltop 8.5 acres of wooded land, a steward of the land and animals God has given me.
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By vastrightwinger
Tim Petersen

Born and Rasied in Hollywood, Florida (Just south of Ft. Lauderdale and 15 minuted north of Miami).
Stranahan High School where I played 4 years of Varsity Golf.

LU c/o '05
Dorm 22-3 for my first 2 years (Fall '01-Spring '03)
Dorm 22-1 for Fall of '03
Off Campus for Spring '04-Spring '05

B.S. Government (Politics and Policy)
B.S. Religion (Biblical Studies)

Currently live in Hollywood and work for the Broward Sheriff's Office, Office of the General Counsel as a Legal Research Assistant (which means I get to research old case law and so various other grunt work). Hoping to attend Nova Southeastern University for Law School in the Fall.
By phoenix
Warren Kelly

86-87 dorm 7-Up
87-88 dorm 14 (I think. I try to forget that year as much as possible)
88-89 dorm 4 (hell side -- and it really was. When I have time, I have stories .....)
89-90 dorm 31 (I think) -- only lasted a semester. Parents got tired of paying for lousy grades.

GRADUATED (finally!) January 2004, Interdisciplinary Studies: Busniess and Religion.

I was in band 86-89, marched all four years. Got involved at the radio station in the spring of my freshman year. Did news 87-88.

Now I'm at Southern Seminary (well, right now my seminary career is on hiatus -- expecting child #2, need the money).

My wife (who won't post here, I'm sure) graduated in 90 with a History Ed degree. She was Phi Alpha Theta president in '90, and IIRC won the Book Award. She's been in Who's Who a couple times (I've made Who's That pretty much every year).

I married up.
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By PAmedic
phoenix wrote: Warren Kelly

86-87 dorm 7-Up
87-88 dorm 14 (I think. I try to forget that year as much as possible)
88-89 dorm 4 (hell side -- and it really was. When I have time, I have stories .....)
89-90 dorm 31 (I think) -- only lasted a semester. Parents got tired of paying for lousy grades.
typical problem for those of us in the 80's :D the same time I flamed out (no pun intended)

My wife (who won't post here, I'm sure) graduated in 90 with a History Ed degree. She was Phi Alpha Theta president in '90, and IIRC won the Book Award. She's been in Who's Who a couple times (I've made Who's That pretty much every year).

I married up.
we all did

I mean, look at me, SLY and SCAR for cryin' out loud. And I bet LUconn is as ugly as he thinks he is funny. (gotta think about THAT one)
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By Sly Fox
PAmedic wrote:And I bet LUconn is as ugly as he thinks he is funny. (gotta think about THAT one)
LUconn definintely married above himself based on his Facebook. I like to say I'd rather be lucky than good.
By AgVball
Shirley Mann - Originally from West Virginia

1988-1991 - Dorm 21-2
1991-1992 - Dorm ? ... one of the "senior dorms" - I liked 21 better.

*My team dominated at all of the midnight volleyball tournies!
*I was a bando in 1988 and 1992 - including the trip to NY for the Giants/Cowboys game - color guard (ugh - did you like those red pants?! yak! :shock: )
*Oxford studies program 1990
*Teacher I thought was cool - can't remember his name - but the Art teacher - with the funky hair.
*Favorite memory - any time it snowed and we went sledding down the hill (on mattresses, trays, shower curtains!)

BS - Accounting and Management Information Systems - 1992
By LUconn
Hey! I ignore this thead for a while and look what happens. I'll have you all know that I'm a very good looking individual. Well, she obviously didn't marry me for my money so I'd have to be. Right?
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