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Surprised this wasn't posted yet. I had never hear of Dr. Diemer, but seems like a pretty important figure in the history of LU. ... way-at-83/
Liberty University is mourning the loss of longtime professor and tennis coach Dr. Carl John Diemer Jr., who died on Monday, March 28, at age 83.

Diemer played a significant role in Liberty’s growth in its early years. He helped establish Lynchburg Baptist Theological Seminary (now the John W. Rawlings School of Divinity) in 1973 as one of four founding faculty members. He taught church history and other courses within the School of Divinity and held various leadership roles, including overseeing the Master of Divinity program, until he retired in 2018.

Dr. Diemer was married to the late Gayle Carolyn Sparks Diemer, who taught in Liberty’s School of Education for 27 years.

Diemer was a lifelong tennis player and was rated professionally. In 1987, he helped start the men’s tennis program at Liberty and served as head coach for 11 years (1987-97).
By phoenix
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He was the interim pastor at my in-laws church while I was at Liberty - and he taught the LUSLLL Church History class I took (as well as the Survey of Acts, I think). He was a good man, and will definitely be missed.
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