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By cruzan_flame13
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Please pray fir the People of Hong Kong as they are dealing with the oppression of China. This is not really being broadcast in western countries and people need to know what’s going on. Here’s a video that is a little glimpse of what’s going on:

It’s great to have some decent independent news/journalism and not the activism/acting on the mainstream media.
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By thepostman
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I've seen some reporting of it but it's been in passingm instead the cable news networks are focused on the presidential election that isn't until NEXT November.

This is such a complicated situation and I feel for the people of Hong Kong. It's only getting worse.
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By CCWMichael
Some serious stuff going on here. I think many of us saw this coming when the Brits blew out.
I have this in my daily prayers.
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By Purple Haize
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I remember Tienneman (sp) Square. I was young enough to think that it was going to be the downfall of Red China. You had the iconic Man v Tank photo. Now? Even people who participated don’t want to talk about it or think it was a bad idea. I know the Hong king protests have bled over into China proper but I’m not optimistic. The Chinese Government is going to crack down and crack down hard on these protesters. I’m not sure you’re going to have world wide coverage of it either. China owns too much of the world now. More than they did in 1989. This is going to end ugly
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By cruzan_flame13
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Unfortunately they already cracking down hard on the protesters but it will get worst. The people of Hong Kong have no choice and giving in will not prosper them in the long run.
By LUDad
I've been to China a number of times on business. We had an office in HK that I would travel out of. They have a number of evangelical Christian schools there. You would see the students all over Kowloon in their school uniforms. I also met one Liberty student who was a friend of my daughter who taught English in a China province. So there is light being shed.
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