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By oldflame
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My mother, who had been suffering with multiple health issues for several years, went to be with the Lord yesterday. She is now reunited with my dad, who we lost almost exactly 25 years ago. I'm taking consolation in the fact that her suffering is over. Mostly sad for my 7 year old son here in the DR who never got to know his abuela because his mom refused to cooperate in getting his passport. We had planned a big celebration for her 90th birthday next month and because she is being cremated at her request, the family has decided to hold the memorial service at that time.
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By Cider Jim
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So sorry for your loss, Oldflame. Prayers for your dear family.
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By LUminary
Prayers here.
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By PAmedic
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Thoughts and prayers for you and your family 👍🏼
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