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By thepostman
#573332 Without going into too much detail, there is an upcoming change coming for me at work. This change is one I sought for and am happy to have received but with it comes some changes. With that said, I am still in my current position for 5 more months and there are so many different issues I have had here and it's operation and at this point it is best for me to just bite my tongue. Anybody that knows me well, knows that this is very difficult for me to do but it is probably best for everybody involved for me to be diplomatic.

Anyways, I know this is super vague but I am praising God that he has provided me with a way out of crappy situation but in this comes changes in commute times and other commitments. Also pray for the last 5 months I have here at my current position. I will need it.

Thanks for indulging me and thanks for your prayers.
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By Sly Fox
#573340 We can recognize concerns based on what you shared. Excited to hear that God is providing you a better path forward. I also pray that He gives you wisdom and a focs on where you are going as you finish out your assignment. At least it sounds a like a move won't be necessary. That's rare under these circumstances.