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By Ewglenn
#549876 I don’t like doing this but I am looking for any help I can get. My wife and I are having a tough time in our marriage. She has been great but unloaded a lot of built up issues on me a few weeks ago. It’s making it hard to stay positive.

I know she's right and not being ridiculous. I haven’t been the best husband and I know that. I had a tough time transitioning out of the military and it put a strain on our marriage.

Fast forward to now I am trying desperately to get our marriage on the right track but I feel she is giving up on our marriage. It’s one of those situations that she felt she put a lot of work into our relationship for 3 years or so and she is feeling burned out.
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By CCWMichael
#549877 No need to tell you that situations such as yours can be the hardest to bare.
Prayers to you and your family in these difficult moments.
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By adam42381
#549885 Very sorry to hear this. See if she’d be willing to start going to marriage counseling. Just having an independent third party listen to your issues could work wonders. Best of luck.
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By Class of 20Something
#549890 If you ever need to chat about that transition, I got out 3 years ago. We are rocking and rolling now, but there were some times I thought my wife would be justified leaving me. Refocus on God first. Regardless of if your marriage is repaired or not, you will need to make sure you are in one of the best places in your relationship with God. Hopefully she wants to do that too, and you can get closer through Him.
By Ewglenn
#549943 I wanted to give you guys an update. Yesterday was a much better day. I felt much more at peace and feel that we can get this marriage back to what it should be. Thank you for the prayers and if y’all wouldn’t mind sending up an occasional one in the future. Thanks!
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By Sly Fox
#550021 Praise God!