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This kind of hurts this old WLBU alum to see the university lose its license. Very frustrating.
Radio+Television Business Report wrote:Liberty University Losing Campus Station After FCC Inquiry

By RBR-TVBR -September 29, 2023

Liberty University will shutter its campus station WQLU after an FCC Media Bureau inquiry into its operation. The Lynchburg, Virginia-based private evangelical Christian university filed for license renewal in 2019, which was granted as no concerns were raised. However, an inquiry was initiated by the Media Bureau when Liberty University applied for new special temporary authority in August 2020.

During the investigation, discrepancies were noted in the geographical coordinates of the station’s operational site, contrary to what was specified in the station’s license.
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Basically in a nutshell the school has been operating from a location that is different from where they were licensed for a number of years. The FCC finally decided to take the license and fine the school.

My guess is this is just a case of someone dropping the ball on paperwork. But it is a costly mistake.
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I remember the days when the studio was in the old Saga building and you could watch the DJ's through the window while you stood in line for dinner. I believe Robynn Jaymes was one of them when I was there. She went on to a long time career in the local radio market with WYYD and then some other stations.
Sly Fox wrote: October 4th, 2023, 6:46 pm Jerry gave me a C in Sportscasting class. Somehow I managed to make a living for two decades and work in a Top 10 market. Not that I am bitter about that grade. Well, maybe a little. :lol:
Its ok, I had a high school principal who said I wasn't good enough for Honors English. Ironically, Air Canada never flew him to Toronto to preview a new airline lounge, and he never got invited to Boeing HQ for a tour and watching the 737-MAX9 take its final certification flight.

Yeah, I'm still bitter, and feel no shame in admitting it - so embrace the bitterness and continue showing them that they were wrong!
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