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By alabama24
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I am unaware of a publicly available list. At one time, I would have been able to write and run a SQL report and find out... but I wouldn’t have been able to share that info without explicit permission.

I assume you want to know undergraduate residential students.
By olldflame
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I'm going to take a wild guess and say BC probably is only looking for a numerical breakdown by state, not a list of names. I would think that is available, but not sure where you would find it. Maybe admissions?
By ballcoach15
Yes, just residential students by state. Only numbers I have been able to find are that we have students from all 50 states, and 24% are from Virginia.
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By Sly Fox
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24% from Virginia. Wow, the dynamics of the school have changed over the years since ye olden days when we drew more nationally with the OTGH.

Current residential & online breakdown should be something the school can provide. And I know that LU Alumni has that type of data based on what HMO used to share. Speaking of which, do we still have the searchable alumni map? That thing was awesome a few years back but I haven't seen it in quite awhile.
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