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By Sly Fox
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Recently we had a name brought into a discussion involving criminal activity that implied that there might have been some connection between the dismissal of a professor over a felony charge and the departure of another professor earlier in the school year.

Frankly bringing up someone's name based on unsubstantiated rumor was not only ill-advised but also potentially damaging to the reputation of a person which could adversely affect their livelihood in their profession. Let me be upfront and state that bringing someone's name up under such circumstances on a public forum such as FlameFans is not acceptable. If you have details that are public record or direct knowledge for which you are willing to openly reveal your own identity then we will simply ask you to be extremely cautious in what you present on this board.

This is not about censorship or legal liability. This is about common sense and not allowing potentially false rumors to trash a reputation. If you can describe a situation without giving away identities then I would urge you to show some discernment.
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