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By thepostman
#547167 Right now I would dare say 1-3 inches for Lynchburg. But if the GFS model is correct then that could increase.

We shall see.
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By jbock13
JK37 wrote:
jbock13 wrote:Probably a little snow. Could be big, though.

Sounds just the weather man. Cover all the bases, and you can’t be wrong!

I’m going to really go out on a limb and say 0-75 inches :D

Seriously, 2-5 for Lynchburg.
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By Class of 20Something
#547214 I'm calling 6" in the Burg and 8" in Roanoke.
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By jbock13
Class of 20Something wrote:I'm calling 6" in the Burg and 8" in Roanoke.

If it were December or January I’d call for that, but feel it will have a more difficult Time accumulating, thus staying with my original 2-5 call.
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By Cider Jim
#549950 I realize this is usually a weather thread, but has anyone noticed the increased price of LU hoodies at Walmart? Since we have announced that we are going FBS, the $20 LU hoodie at Walmart now costs $36. :shock:
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By Purple Haize
ballcoach15 wrote:I brought a kiddie hoodie at bookstore in December, cost 30 dollars

Keep working hard. One day you’ll wear adult clothing :D