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Housekeeping - Posting Rules

Posted: March 21st, 2007, 1:35 am
by Sly Fox
Since we started this board I've been very lax in regard to how we attribute information. As a journalist, I should've been more firm from the get go. But now I'm going to go ahead and let everyone know how we are going to operate moving forward.

If you include anything in your post that is not written by you, it must be designated as a quote. It may seem silly at times but from a legal standpoint it is to our own benefit to set this standard. If you are using a line from Abe Lincoln, put it quote format. If you are using a lyric from a son, put it in quote format. And most certainly if you are pulling something from a copyrighted website you absolutely must put it in quote format.

Speaking of copyrighted material, if it comes from the web it absolutely must have link either right before or right after the quote. If we post a story from China about cliffdiving raccoons, we must have a URL. Ditto for any newspaper articles or commercial websites.

And finally if we are quoting something longer than just a paragraph or so, we should post only a portion of the story in quote format and then point everyone to the link for the rest of the story. I know it is annoying bouncing around these links, but its only fair that if someone is putting info up on the web based on ad revenue that they should be receiving some of the traffic. I would hope other sites return in kind when they quote us on their sites. Now if Chris or any other author of material wants to put his own whole story on our board then that is his prerogative and it is OK with me. But that would be the exception and not the rule.

By adhering to these new standards we will be able to operate in a forthright manner that is respectful of those around us. It may take awhile to get it into our routine. But I am confident that if any message board can operate above board, it is FlameFans.