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This story out of Las Cruces is unbelievable if it didn't draw memories to the Baylor stuff a couple decades back.
KOAT wrote:NMSU coaches held onto gun used by player in self-defense killing
Experts say coaches "didn't cooperate" with police investigation

T.J. Wilham
Investigative Producer

Updated: 8:47 PM MST Dec 5, 2022

New Mexico State basketball players and coaches skipped town in a university-owned bus while investigators were trying to interview them and find the gun that was used by one of their players in a self-defense defense shooting on the UNM campus hours before tipoff, according to a report obtained by Target 7.

As a result, a detective sped down Interstate 25 with lights and siren on and pulled over the bus as it was headed back to Las Cruces with evidence on board.
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