If you want to talk ASUN smack or ramble ad nauseum about your favorite pro or major college teams, this is the place to let it rip.

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By Cider Jim
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What sport?
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By RubberMallet
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i dont' think its because he had a lady kicker, its because he couldn't even get the ball to a point where said kicker could kick. she had what a 2nd half kickoff or soemthing?

I don't know what vanderbilt expects. with the exception of james franklin who go the heck out of dodge as soon as possible, this team hasn't been viable since like the early 80's!
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By RubberMallet
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i think franklin and harbaugh will get a pass this year from administration. franklin deserves it, he's at least been competitive. Harbaugh, who knows whats going to happen. my guess is extension.
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By Sly Fox
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Harbaugh may view this collegiate foray the way Saban did the Dolphins gig . Checked the box and back to where they had previous success. Harbaugh will have plenty of options in the NFL this offseason if he gets let go.
By ballcoach15
Harbaugh should go back to NFL and forget about college football. The most overrated college coach I know of.

I heard Rich Rodriguez's name mentioned as a possible candidate for Vanderbilt job. Also hear Shane Beamer appears to be leading candidate for South Carolina job.
By lynchburgwildcats
Unless someone just really enjoys the year-round grind of recruiting or hates big city life, it makes no sense to want to coach the college game instead of the NFL.
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