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alabama24 wrote: August 11th, 2020, 4:03 pm I hope there still is college football, but I am not convinced there will be. Lets pretend that the SEC, ACC & B12 do play, and things go ok. Will there be a heisman awarded? National title?
If SEC, ACC & B12 are in, there will be a Heisman and a national champion. About the B1G.....

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Since the B1G anouncement, both Nebarska & Iowa have been vocal about their disapproval of the vote. Neberaska has indicated they want to play this season however that can work out. Obviously they would be a natural fit to align with the Big XII. Frankly so would Iowa. Penn State has also indicated that they are interested in moving forward.

While Ohio State and other schools have had vocal support for football this fall from coaches & ADs, the college presidents make the call. And the Bucks lack that top level support at the moment.
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ballcoach15 wrote: August 14th, 2020, 9:57 am Moving everything to the spring will backfire in my opinion.
As a former SID of 10+ years, I actually agree with this. Don't know what his reasons are for saying it so won't say I agree with his reasons. Get your things in order folks because the apocalypse is nigh.

If there is anything I learned it's that a large number of coaches have little no interest in coordinating scheduling efforts. Is there an overscheduling problem where too many games are happening at one time for the support staff to handle it? "Not my job, not my problem, someone else has to figure it out, and if the solution is to change anything that I want then it's not happening."

And that was without all the sports playing at the same time. Now you double the amount of sports playing at one time and you don't increase support staff?

You can afford to make sacrifices like that when it comes to the SID end of things, but you can't when it comes down to athletic training/sports medicine. Most schools don't have a big enough sports medicine staff where each team has one or more ACTs dedicated solely to their team, they normally end up having one sport each season (or more than one if the staffing situation calls for it and you have an AD that will make things happen to properly accommodate it).

How are the ACTs going to provide the same quality of care when their workload has effectively doubled? How are they going to travel with the fall team for an away game when their spring team has a home game, or when both of their sports have a game or practice scheduled at the same time?

Sure, you can always say just hire more people, but that's not going to be an option for many schools. Considering many have cut sports programs or laid off employees, how are the optics going to look when a school is hiring additional athletics support staff when the academic side of things is having to deal with the fallout of having lesser staff? Does their staffing difficulties matter less? And if you don't hire extra help, are you going to be satisfied with a game plan that's inevitably going to burn out people and have them quit because they are being overworked even more than they already were?
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It's counterintuitive but doesn't bringing students back to campuses remove them from being with more at risk populations?

If the ultimate goal is to reach herd immunity while having as few people die as possible, schools seem like the best option outside of a vaccine.
While the NCAA is sitting on their butts, doing basically nothing in reference to football, I read in USA Today this morning, that they have been busy planning the NCAA basketball tournament, including the possibility of using a "Bubble System". Didn't say anything about a regular season though. If football can't be played outdoors, how will they play basketball indoors ?
What I think we all forget so often is we're living through the scientific method right now. Scientists are constantly getting it wrong because that's the only way to eventually get it right. They've only had 8-9 months studying this virus. The fact we're as far along as we are this fast shows how incredibly talented our people are.
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A bunch of B1G parents are going to protest and erhaps storm the conference offices in Rosemont, IL trying to push the cmmissioner to switch back to playing this fall. It is not as crazy as it might seem. A number of university leaders are now claiming that there never was really a formal vote. And the decision has been exceptionally unpopular with ADs, coaches & players throughout the league. But presidents/chancellors who have the final say are less motivated by public sentiment.
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