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I've hinted at this in other threads, but if football is played this Fall, there needs to be a legit study of the rate of infection on teams that played vs those who did not. The more I learn, the more I believe that players are at as much risk or more in their daily lives as they are in football related activities.
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Up to date info. Here come the dominos

https://amp.freep.com/amp/3332277001?__ ... ssion=true

Chris Solari (@chrissolari) Tweeted:
Sources: Big Ten cancels football season; no games for Michigan, Michigan State in 2020 https://t.co/ir96jXjCE1 via @freep @reporterdavidj @ByChrisThomas
alabama24 wrote: August 10th, 2020, 2:55 pm There is supposed to be an "official" vote tonight. I am not sure how much sway Harbaugh will have.
That’s my point. It’s not a done deal yet. Phone lines are burning up right now I guarantee it. The SEC ACC and Big 12 seem pretty firm in moving forward. It seems the B1G was hoping to get more support from those leagues. Now you’ll have big money people calling who don’t want to look bad. You’ll have the 3 remaining conferences reaching out to those who want to play ( even though rumors say it was only 2 I’d wager there were more).
It ain’t over yet
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ballcoach15 wrote: August 10th, 2020, 2:58 pm If other conferences are smart, they will not cave in to B10.
:beatinghorse :beatinghorse

Why do I still find myself surprised at your inability to provide any moderate thought process

Typical Liberal. You just go from Orange Man Bad to Big 10 Bad
Sly Fox wrote: August 9th, 2020, 10:44 pm Many of the skeptics are claiming that spring football is nothing more than a smokescreen to hold on to kids into the spring semester. If the The Rock is able to get the XFL rolling in the spring it will serve the purpose of showcasing the layers to the NFL. They wouldn't need a spring season.

My beef with the spring season is that you are barely gaining 4 months to get the pandemic under control. Most of the proponents are suggesting training camp in Jan with season from February to April and bowls in May. Think about February weather up north. Typically college football is done by Thanksgiving with nothing but dome stadiums and palm trees for the remaining games. That won't be the case for the vast majority fo schools with open air stadiums.

Then there is the matter of trying to keep college kids with time on their hands out of trouble. We are still talking about 18- to 22-year-olds in most cases.
College lacrosse teams at every level of the sport in the Northeast and New England, even as far north as Maine, play exposed to the elements in the dead of winter in February. Heck, when I was working in college athletics here in Virginia, we were clearing snow off the field an hour before game time with it snowing all throughout the game a couple years ago, and this was over "spring" break.

If lacrosse can figure out how to play in the dead of winter, football can too.
I tend to lean towards the opinion of, if you can bring back your students to campus so they can go to class in person, then you should be able to at least attempt to make a season happen without fans.

Of course, I get it that with NCAA guidelines it can get pretty expensive because you'll have to have extensive regular testing, hence why fall athletics largely isn't happening in D3. Many D3 schools and conferences wanted to play, but once the NCAA released their guidelines it was over pretty quickly for the vast majority that hadn't postponed to the spring.

I also understand wanting to be cautious. The overwhelming majority of these student-athletes aren't going to die from the virus. But many people of all ages report extended complications from the virus, in many cases months after no longer having the virus. And we have no data on the long term (as in years) complications associated with having had the virus.

And of course, I also understand that if you attempt to have a season but wait until it starts to become evident that the crap is about to hit the fan, you're likely already too late to make a response to contain it. At that point, you just have to hope to limit the damage.
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By ATrain
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thepostman wrote: August 10th, 2020, 6:12 pm Add the Mountain West to the list

Figured this was coming with the Cal State system (San Jose State, San Diego State, Fresno State) going virtual and the New Mexico governor (UNM) asking that schools not play this fall.
It’s so weird that ESPN, which at one point covered sports, literally wants to destroy sports.

(Except the NBA, of course).
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unless other conferences follow suit, this could haunt the big 10 recruiting wise for years to come. Welcoming thousands of kids onto campus yet canceling football is merely a liability play.
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