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By oldflame
ballcoach is harping on the fact that there is more time between innings in baseball than softball. We had an extensive conversation about this a while back and there are in fact very valid reasons for this. The baseball field is significantly larger, and it takes a bit longer for outfielders to get off and on the field. In addition, pitchers in baseball need more warmup pitches than softball because of the overhand vs underhand delivery. He likes to imply it's because softball players "hustle" more, but there is absolutely no basis for that.
By ballcoach15
It is 6 of 1, and a half dozen of the other. I recall earlier discussion. I went to a softball game and a baseball game with my stopwatch. I can't recall results.
But at any rate, I think baseball pitchers take too much time to throw their allotted warm up pitches.
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By Purple Haize
ballcoach15 wrote: August 16th, 2019, 11:38 am
thepostman wrote: August 16th, 2019, 11:32 am We agree on something!!??? What in the world is happening around here???? haha
Now if PH will just agree.
I’m all for speeding things up and stealing signs
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By jinxy
College is so different from mlb. Midweek college games are so bad because of all the staff days. That slows the game down unbelievably with all the visits from the catcher and pitching coach then changes. In my opinion thats where the vast majority of the time wasted is in college. Sure theres a bit that can be saved with this clock but nothing like all the pitching changes and mound visits. I absolutely hate “staff days”.
By ballcoach15
Good observations Jinxy.

Another thing that would speed up the game, is pitchers throwing more strikes. Also umpires "having a bigger strike zone" would help.
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By Purple Haize
With so many Minor league teams and leagues I don’t even know why there is college baseball

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