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By ballcoach15
Georgia State a 26 point underdog beat Tennessee tonight. I believe score was 38-30.

Jermey Pruitt should have stayed at Alabama. I hope he goes 0-12.

Tennessee paid Georgia State 950,000 to get beat.
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By Cider Jim
Go Vols! :football
By ATrain
ballcoach15 wrote: September 3rd, 2019, 11:51 am D......probably the biggest upset of the season and zero comments. Do people on this board not follow college football ?
Was Tennessee even ranked? Plus, its only Week 1 - plenty of bigger upsets will happen. Some would even argue that Central Arkansas beating Western Kentucky was a bigger upset.
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By adam42381
They're coming off a 5-7 season and were predicted to win 7 games by most media outlets. It's an upset, but not a major story.
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By RubberMallet
i was happy for this loss because pruitt was running his mouth about aubry solomon's eligibility decision taking so long because of Michigan. as if they have anything to do with it. poor kid stuck on that turd of a football team
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By jinxy
Have to agree with ballcoach. Georgia state has been terrible. Like 2 or 3 win bad. Tennessee is and has been down for a long time but this is a new low. Byu rubbed some more salt in the wound.

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