If you want to talk Big South smack or ramble ad nauseum about your favorite pro or major college teams, this is the place to let it rip.
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By adam42381
It’s that time of year again. I believe @RubberMallet was commish last year. Is everyone back in again this year? If there is enough interest, @Class of 20Something has started a second league as well.
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By RubberMallet
its back up and running. just need some discussion on draft dates (prefer end of august)
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By LUminary
Count me in again.
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By adam42381
I’m available whenever works best for everyone. Preferably a week night and not too late.
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By Class of 20Something
Link for the second league below. If you aren't familiar with Sleeper, they fixed everything wrong with other platforms, especially the draft, chat, and trash talk. You can sort by game for play by play of how every play effects fantasy scores and look at live overviews of fantasy points of players in a game.

Transactions are displayed in chat, multi team trades, and even trading draft picks

Also, NO ADS



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By BJWilliams
I'm all set, Wednesday is gonna be the best day for me for a draft close to kickoff because I'm gonna be at work every other weeknight and high school sports pops off the last week of August (with limited schedules the next couple of weeks).
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