If you want to talk Big South smack or ramble ad nauseum about your favorite pro or major college teams, this is the place to let it rip.
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By BJWilliams
Mike Martin and FSU winning would be an awesome story with him going out after 40 seasons (?!?) at the helm down there in Tallahassee
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By RubberMallet
so i flip on espn to see the wolverines an inning away from beating UCLA to go to the CWS. Now this is probably the first inning of college baseball i've watched in years but it only took me a few pitches to become absolutely livid with the umpires obviously trying to hose the wolverines out of this game.

wife : wait a minute, what is this? no! you can not do this. football and basketball is enough, and you already have the cubs, please don't do this
me: Its Michigan, they can go to the college world series if they win this! ITS VERY IMPORTANT
wife : name one player on the team
me : Keizer.
wife : i can see that on his jersey too whats his first name....
me : Its a team sport honey thats how i root for them. individual achievement in baseball is hardly important.
wife : i'm going to bed
Keizer throws wild pitch
By ballcoach15
I am not a Michigan fan. I dislike Big 10 teams, other than Penn State. ( I coached a basketball team in Korea in 1977-78, and a former PSU football player was on the team.)
By ballcoach15
Vanderbilt and Michigan are in Finals of college World Series. I hope Vandy beats Michigan in 2 straight.

But with that being said, Michigan proves that most anyone can make it to Omaha and win, if the planets, moon, stars and sun are aligned just right. Michigan was one of final at large teams selected. I believe they lost 7 out of last 9 regular season games, and lost first game of Big 10 tournament.
Also here is a prime example of Big 10 receiving favorable support from NCAA selection committees, not afforded to other conferences.
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By Cider Jim
ballcoach15 wrote: June 22nd, 2019, 1:32 pmAlso here is a prime example of Big 10 receiving favorable support from NCAA selection committees, not afforded to other conferences.
Ballcoach, doesn't that prove exactly the opposite: that they have PROVEN that they belong in the College Word Series, since they have reached the Finals?

You can't let your southern/SEC bias influence your thinking! :nono
By thepostman
I'm not entirely convinced that he is capable of taking his bias out of anything but I could be wrong.

I still think that ballcoach only half believes the stuff he posts but maybe that is just wishful thinking.
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By RubberMallet
and as usual the numbers don't even come close to the insane things he says. the b10 has less bids into the College baseball tournament than any other power 5 conference. they made it to the semi final game of the b10 championship and were the #2 team in the conference.
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