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By adam42381
BJWilliams wrote:Well we are at the quarter pole and yours truly is 4-0 with a 1 game lead over Sly, who i dominated in week 1
Postie, in his first year in the league is 3rd on the tiebreaker with Johnny U. Jbock is 5th (i match up with him this week) followed by i believe RM, then Adam, Flamerbob and rounding out the league is the other MicahK who is I believe LUconn.
I think Micah is RubberMallet, but I’ve been wrong before.
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By RubberMallet
both named micah
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By BJWilliams
We've got quite a barn burner for the four championship slots. Teams 3-5 all losing and #6 winning basically means that the final week of the season has four teams for two slots. MicahK's Team and Liberty Flames are pretty much locked in regardless this week's result, leaving Sly's Flying Foxes, Fincastle Fanatics, thepostman and adam42381 for the final two spots
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By BJWilliams

Here are the standings after week 13 concluded yesterday

As of the moment only two playoff spots have been secured and 4 teams are fighting for the other two with two others who could sneak in but it would take something monumental for it to happen.

Liberty Flames v2.1 and MicahK's Team have clinched spots in the championship semifinals.

Adam42381, thepostman, Sly's Flying Foxes and Fincastle Fanatics are jostling for the other two spots, while former finalist Johnny U and My Vick in a Box both could sneak into the top 8 with wins. They also need at least two of the teams above them to lose, but with two of them facing each other in Sly and postman, the chances are going to be quite long of jumping that high, and they both need to have all time high scoring weeks to overcome the first tiebreaker.
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By BJWilliams
Well we still have Monday night to go but looks like the championship semifinals are set with postman and adam guaranteed wins. All that is left to decide is who will be the #1 seed. I'm guaranteed to lose thanks to the Bears defense stepping up while on my bench...and MicahK has two opposing players matching up, so FFG, im gonna be rooting for the Seattle Seahawks tomorrow night.
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By BJWilliams
Here are the playoff matchups and it looks like we will have a first time champion this year:

Championship semifinals
#1 Liberty Flames v2.1 vs. #4 the postman (who clinched by beating sly the final week of the regular season)
#2 MicahK's Team vs. #3 adam42381

Consolation semifinals
#6 Sly's Flying Foxes vs. #7 My Vick In A Box
#5 Fincastle Fanatics vs. #8 Johnny U
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By BJWilliams
Congratulations to the new champion, adam42381. Postman finished second and I finished third (again). Now let's enjoy the week 17 craziness and look forward to next year

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