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By Class of 20Something
ballcoach15 wrote:Tebow has been promoted from Low A league to High A Florida State League, by the Mets.

Pretty smart money move by the organization. Put him back in Florida and let him be a cash cow.
By thepostman
#533357 small sample size but that is pretty impressive considering he was only moved up to help sell tickets.

I had very low expectations for him but he is doing very well and seems to be having a lot of fun.
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By RubberMallet
#533362 doing very well is a bit ambitious.
By thepostman
#533363 compared to my very, very, very low expectations he is doing well. Which is why I threw in there that I had low exceptions to begin with
By flamehunter
ballcoach15 wrote:Tebow gets 2 hits last night. He is now 5 for 9 (.556) since his promotion to High A league.

Season average overall still in the low .200's. And he has quite a few errors for an outfielder. I hope he succeeds but his start has really been less than stellar. Perhaps it's just the length of time he has been out of the game.
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By TDDance234
#533427 They'll call him up in September... he'll get a big moment, make the Mets a butt-ton of cash, and we'll never see him with a baseball bat again.