If you want to talk Big South smack or ramble ad nauseum about your favorite pro or major college teams, this is the place to let it rip.
By ballcoach15
#530934 Some very interesting seeds.

If Alabama and Florida win their regional, they will meet in Super Regional.
JMU won 50 games, and had RPI of 13. They got sent to Baylor Regional as a 3 seed.
Every SEC school that has softball, made tournament.
By ATrain
#530980 There is a school in the SEC that doesn't play softball?
By ballcoach15
#530983 Vanderbilt doesnt have softball. Very puzzling. Same as in ACC, where Wake Forest, Clemson and Miami do not have team. Duke starts up next season. In BSC, High Point and UNCA are non softball schools.

I guess it has something to do with Title 9, dealing with number of female athletes vs male athletes.
By ballcoach15
#531434 there was controversy surrounding the seedlings.. once I saw list of selection committee members, I realized what problem was. most of committee was unqualified to sit on committee, when it comes to softball.
By oldflame
#531438 It makes no sense that any school with a football team would not have softball because of title IX. High Point and UNCA, probably so. Those ACC and SEC schools must have just chosen other women's sports to balance the scholarships.