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By alabama24
Cider Jim wrote:Kyle Kallander was ready to cancel this year's Quiz Bowl tournament until Liberty stepped up and agreed to host the tournament on Saturday, Feb. 27, and 6 teams have confirmed thus far--Radford, Coastal Carolina, Campbell, Longwood, Gardner-Webb, & Liberty.
Who's Kyle Kallander? I jest, I jest. lol

Will the Quiz bowl be open to the public? And for PH... will there be food available?
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By Cider Jim
Yes, it's open to the public, and the library has a nice food court--including pizza, wings, and hot dogs. 8)

Two years ago, Coastal was bragging that they couldn't wait to play LU because we weren't a "real school" and "wouldn't know any science." Our captain was a biochemistry major, and we beat them 445-65.
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By Cider Jim
Liberty's Quiz Bowl team scored 8 wins at the NAQT sectionals yesterday in Richmond, including 3 wins over ACC schools:

o LU over Roanoke, 440-15
o LU over VCU, 355-200
o LU over VA Tech, 255-245
o LU over Duke, 270-125
o LU over American, 340-230
o LU over Georgetown, 215-160
o LU over Duke, 165-120
o LU over LU (novice), 345-15

Our next tournament will be the Big South, which Liberty is hosting on Feb. 27.
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By PAmedic
congrats CJ

Jeff Barber ‏@LUADJeff
Congratulations to the 2016 Big South Champion Quiz Bowl team. The Liberty Flames!
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By Cider Jim
Undefeated and 9-time Big South Champions in 11 years.

LU over Coastal Carolina, 490-150
LU over Longwood, 600-55
LU over Gardner-Webb, 435-65
LU over Radford, 475-120
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By Cider Jim
Our lone senior was out with strep throat, so we started one junior and the rest sophomores, none of whom went to nationals last year, so it was a whole new team this year. Nice to have our players' parents visiting from PA, OH, and even ND.
Speaking of winning bowls, how can Old Dominion University start football in 2009 and after only four years playing FCS football they had a 38-10 record. In 2013, they then move up to the FBS and joined Conference USA. We started football 43 years ago in 1973, we're still playing FCS and have gone to the playoffs only one time in 43 years and we play in the Big South Conference. We have more funds, better facilities and a national platform. Something needs to change.
Back on topic, the Faculty Quiz Bowl scrimmage is tomorrow, March 24, at 5:00. Four faculty with PhDs will be playing our varsity team in the library conference room.
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By Cider Jim
I'm a week late in reporting this, but LU scored 6 wins last Saturday at Duke against some pretty top-tier universities:

LU over UVa, 215-210
LU over Wake Forest, 255-135
LU over Virginia Tech, 225-200
LU over Virginia Tech, 275-160
LU over Wake Forest, 180-95
LU over Clemson/LU, 265-70
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By Cider Jim
VCU didn't make the tournament, so this team was one Clemson player plus our LU scorekeeper! And even that two-person team beat both Virginia Tech and Wake Forest! :clapping
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By Cider Jim
Liberty scored 9 wins at the ACF Fall Tournament held at Virginia Tech on Nov. 5:

LU over Washington & Lee, 290-105
LU over Wofford, 315-135
LU over Wofford, 215-130
LU over Wake Forest, 390-50
LU over Wake Forest, 200-90
LU over Wake Forest, 280-55
LU over Wake Forest, 210-195
LU over LU-C (novice), 375-50
LU-B (JV) over LU-C (novice), 155-75
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By Cider Jim
Liberty scored a total of 8 wins at the NAQT sectional tournament at UVa on Saturday, Feb. 4:

LU over Washington & Lee, 275-155
LU over Virginia Tech, 325-225
LU over Johns Hopkins, 255-125
LU over Georgetown, 255-235
LU over Roanoke, 265-90
LU over Wofford, 200-165
LU over Elon, 230-160
LU over Georgetown, 195-165
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By Cider Jim
LU's Quiz Bowl team scored 5 wins at the ACF Regionals held at VCU in Richmond on Saturday:

LU over VCU, 225-105
LU over LU (JV), 185-89
LU over NC State, 190-150
LU over Carnegie Mellon, 135-130
LU over Virginia Tech, 195-180
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