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By Cider Jim
Liberty University's defending Big South champion Quiz Bowl team defends its title next weekend at the BSC tournament at Radford University next Saturday. A year ago, the LU team captured its first Quiz Bowl tournament by winning 7 straight games.
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By Cider Jim
If you want to view the "varsity sport of the mind," the Big South Conference is streaming their Quiz Bowl tournament on Saturday, Feb. 11, beginning at 9:00 a.m. and ending around 4:00 and LU's team is the defending conference champions. Watch them defend their title live at this link: ... 05&TeamID=

LU's team will be wearing red polos with the athletic logo on them!

If this link doesn't work, it's also posted on the Big South Conference web page.
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By Cider Jim

Our quiz bowl team went 6-1 on Saturday, successfully defending our BSC championship (I think this was even announced during halftime of the men's basketball game). Here are the scores from yesterday's action from Heth Hall on Radford University's campus:

LU v. High Point 260-55 (W)
LU v. UNCA 190-105 (W)
LU v. Charleston Southern 145-35 (W)
LU v. Radford 160-175 (L)
LU v. Gardner-Webb 180-120 (W)
LU v. Winthrop 135-50 (W)
LU v. VMI 200-130 (W)

Starters were Dallas Shipp (captain), Zach Smith, Clay Finley, and Zach Curtis. Nick Orta also started one match.
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By BJWilliams
Im good friends with Dallas...that boy knows more than I'll ever forget (especially about history and government)
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By PAmedic
very nice job by the Uber-geeks.

who will employ all of us someday :shock:

seriously, great job to the team
By jmdickens
BJWilliams wrote:Im good friends with Dallas...that boy knows more than I'll ever forget (especially about history and government)
Yeah, Dallas is okay with History....mostly civil war history

Clay Finley if he did it this year is the same way.......Both are very good at what they do
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By PeterParker
Is there a National Quiz Bowl Championship, or is it limited to Conference Championships?
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By Cider Jim
There's a regional tournament at UT-Knoxville that we are going to at the end of February; there's even a national tournament in Los Angeles. We start 2 seniors (Dallas & Zach Smith) and 2 second year students (Clay & Zach Curtis), though Clay already has a law degree (J.D.).

To illustrate how good our team is, last semester our JV team beat the varsity team of the College of William & Mary in a tournament. At our Big South tournament championship this weekend, we out-scored our opponents 1270-650, and our average margin of victory in the 7 games (including 1 loss) was 103 points.
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By PAmedic
how'd we lose to RADFORD? :shock:
By jmdickens
Clay lived on my dorm.....he is going back to law school for a J.D. from another school

He also passed the California Bar Exam
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By PeterParker
Out of curiousity, what is the guy undertaking while at LU if he already has a JD? He sounds like a guy that was on a friend of mine's hall back in the LU days; the guy scored a 1600 on his SAT (pre-test change) and could finish a rubics cube in no time flat.

BTW, I like the fact that LU is fielding academic teams (Quiz Bowl, Debate, Moot Court) that are winning competitions consistently against the traditionally viewed more elite schools (Harvard in debate, W&M in Quiz Bowl.) While the sports team successes are great for marketing en masse, the academic reputation is what provides an extra boost to the alumni out in the job market jungle.

The real question now is: when are we going to get a rep on Jeopardy! College Championship?
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By Cider Jim
Clay went straight from home school to law school and skipped doing an undergraduate degree. He's from Illinois and passed his California bar, but Illinois also requires an undergraduate degree in order to practice law in that state, so that's why he's at LU majoring in government.

And to Medic's question, everyone knows how hard it is to win on the road, and Radford was hosting the tournament. :)

Lastly, if you go Wikipedia and look up the Big South Conference, you will see LU's 2 Quiz Bowl championships listed in a neat little table.
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By PAmedic
nicely done.
I signed up for this and made the cut...
...below is from the faculty sponsor.

Good news, gentleman--we have finalized our faculty Quiz Bowl team, and your team members are listed below. The first 4 will start the first half, and then Bob Weaver can enter the game in the second half to relieve one of you.

Faculty Quiz Bowl Team:
Dr. Mark Hamilton--English faculty
Dr. Tim Saxon--History faculty
Dr. Joe Mix--Health & Kinesiology faculty
Prof. Jeff Taylor----Health & Kinesiology faculty
Mr. Robert Weaver--Library (alternate)
Again, the time, date, and location of our Quiz Bowl game of LU faculty vs. the LU varsity team is as follows:

DeMoss 2196 (Honors conference room in the ILRC)
Monday at 6:00 p.m., February 12
We are asking the faculty to show up at 6:00 in order to watch one practice round of JV vs. varsity players that will take about 16 minutes (so that you can get a feel for the structure of the game), and then the faculty will battle against the two-time defending Big South Champion LU Varsity Quiz Bowl team at approximately 6:20.

Thank you all very much for agreeing to compete against our varsity team on Monday!
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By PAmedic
wow- cool

good luck w/ that, prof
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By Fumblerooskies
I need a T-shirt to wear ;)
By SuperJon
Nobody can decide on a freakin logo.
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By Sly Fox
We haven't exactly been overrun with prospects. I remain 100% open to suggestions as long as they don't include Prototype's concept. Let's try to keep it original and not step on any legal toes.
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By Cider Jim
:cheerleader Congrats to Prof. Fumblerooskies for making the team! :cheerleader

Now make us proud with a "W" on Monday night or somebody may start a Facebook group about you. :brownbag
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By Fumblerooskies
My concern is for the coaching... careful, CiderJim, or someone will start one about coaching the quiz bowl team...
...Who should make the decision to fire the coach, and
...When should the decision be made.

At least academic eligibility should not be a question...
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By Sly Fox
Beware Fumblerooskies ... Its been my experience that students invite the profs for any competition primarily for the sport of embarassing you. :lol:
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By Fumblerooskies
Sly Fox wrote:Beware Fumblerooskies ... Its been my experience that students invite the profs for any competition primarily for the sport of embarassing you. :lol:
Not a chance of that happening...
...especially if there are sports questions involved. :violin
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By Sly Fox
Nero fiddled as well ... 8)
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By Fumblerooskies
Yes, but Nero was a raving lunatic with no moral values...
...I have moral values.
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