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By SumItUp
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We start off on the back nine at 11:30am today. Our team is grouped with the Alabama and Tennessee teams. Here's the lineup:
#5 - Alexandre Fuchs
#4 - Jonathan Yaun
#3 - Kieran Vincent
#2 - Ervin Chang
#1 - Gabe Lench
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By adam42381
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This is a solid field, but Liberty should be able to advance if they play their game. Teams ranked ahead of #22 Liberty:

4. Vanderbilt
9. Duke
16. Georgia
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By prototype
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We need to get there 2 days earlier and simulate the start of the tournament. Chang must not be able to handle the moment right away... :(
By LUDad
Liberty finishes the day at +10 and is tied for 6th place (one spot outside of advancing to finals). Typical first day for LU. Look for good things to come. LU has a history of slow starts this year.

#45 Kentucky is tied with LU but they have one player at +8 so they have no margin for error or a blowup by another player (top four out of five scores count). Unranked Memphis is in 5th place 2 strokes ahead of LU however, they have one player at +7, and two at +5, again, providing no cover for a blow-up. #33 Tennessee is in 4th place at +6. However, they were ahead of LU by 11 strokes after the first day of the Mason Randolph tournament and ended up finishing 1 stroke behind LU.
By oldflame
With Erving Chang off to a hot -3 start, we are -1 as a team so far on the day, and have moved into a 3 way tie for the all-important 5th spot with Memphis and Nevada. Chang is even par and tied for 6th individually.
By oldflame
We are burning up the course! :flamingdevil
Now tied for 3rd with Duke.
-5 on the day as a team. Next best is UGA at -1, playing on their home course.

Maybe the most important fact is that we are now 5 strokes up on the 6th place teams.
By oldflame
Georgia, Duke and Vandy have separated themselves from the field. The next 7 teams are now all within just 5 shots for the last 2 berths in the final. We are currently in 5th, 1 shot ahead of KY and TN and 1 behind Nevada.
By oldflame
We are now in a 3 way tie for 5th with Memphis and TN. We need to finish ahead of the Vols because I believe the tiebreaker is the 5th score, and they have us there by a pretty wide margin. We would win a tiebreaker over Memphis.
By oldflame
I'm afraid our only friend now is birdies. We dropped a shot and are now in 7th and need to pick up 2 shots on the Vols. I don't know who is still on the course. a couple of our guys have finished.
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