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By Sly Fox
Starting the season on the pole at Daytona is pretty sweet. Let's bring our discussion to this thread for his second season in LU #24.
By Old Red
ESPN's Ryan McGee wrote a really article about Jimmie Johnson starting over with a new crew chief. He mentioned how Chad Knaus is great at developing talent and building programs up (Jimmie didn't need any help with that). Now that William has Knaus managing the team, the sky's the limit. I think the two of them are gonna start making some serious noise this season. ... -cup-title
By flamehunter
William, driving more like a veteran than most of the veterans, gets caught up in a wreck with two laps to go riding in sixth place. He looked really good today. Just a matter of time until he is in victory lane.
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By Sly Fox
It was maddening because he worked his way back up tot he lead pack in the final lap only to have someone drive straight into him. He was a beast all day and avoided that massive pileup with fantatsic instncts.

I will be surprised if he doesn't have multiple wins in 2019.

Cool seeing Joe Gibbs emotional after the race. Class act to the max.
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By LUAlum1215
I was fortunate enough to attend the race in Richmond this weekend, and had hot passes to boot. It was an incredible experience. Here are a few pics of Byron and the team.

By Old Red
William just raced his way into the All-Star race. Great photo finish & nearly wrecked coming to the checkers.
Hopefully he can make some noise in the big event tonight. Proud of the guts he showed in the preliminary race.
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By BJWilliams
Top 10 for Will in the All-Star up is his second run in the 600
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By BJWilliams
So glad they got rid of that group qualifying...although I did like the excitement that they had at Charlotte when they would run a lap, go flying into the pits, do a four-tire stop and then fly around for one more lap
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By BJWilliams
He is solidly in the top 16 un 12th with 5 races to go (50 points above the playoff cutline)
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