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By Class of 20Something
Purple Haize wrote:
ballcoach15 wrote:At BSC baseball tournament, they had basically same type program, maybe better. They were FREE.

No t shirt should cost over 10.00
Do you know how much a plain t shirt costs?
Inflation has been mean. He can't buy a pop for a nickel anymore.
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By Purple Haize
BuryYourDuke wrote:The only thing that should come with a pop down here is a bus ride back to wherever it is you are from. :lol:
Or the sound made from pulling your head out of your.........
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By Purple Haize
Cider Jim wrote:Ballcoach called. :oldhag A Fruit of the Loom T-shirt from Walmart only costs $4.88 (and it even has a pocket). :fineprint ... L/34977461
Ok great Mr Quiz Bowl....
How many shirts were ordered to reach that $4.88 price point
What is the blend and quality of the shirt ?
What type of screen printing is on that shirt ? How many colors?
How much is the Licensing Deal cost per item?
What is the profit margin you are looking to achieve?
Is the Wal Mart shirt operating as a ‘Loss Leader’?

I’ll come back for your answers later
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By Jonathan Carone
Are they 100% cotton or a soft spun trim blend?

Is there a company you have to pay out 12% of all profits to?

Do you have overhead of labor?

Did you make any profit on that $7 so you can then afford to make more shirts?
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By Cider Jim
I realize you can pay 5 bucks for a T-shirt, or you can pay $50 (or more) for a T-shirt. But Ballcoach and I probably shop at the same stores, which are more on the lower end. I'm guessing he owns a few NASCAR shirts, which I don't.
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By Jonathan Carone
And my point is he’s ignorant on what it takes to produce and sell the things he’s complaining about.

If I get the shirt for $7 and it costs me $3 in labor, screen printing, and marketing/sales, I have to sell that shirt for at least $20 to afford to stay in business. Then when I add the 12% licensing fee on top of that, it makes me have to charge at least $23 to make the profit I need. That doesn’t include a licensing or placement fee that Barnes & Noble may be charging.

I’m good with not liking the fact that shirts costs so much and/or choosing not to buy them. But don’t be obnoxiously ignorant.
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By cruzan_flame13
thepostman wrote:Hard to feel sad about that.
Although they’re still folks who are furious with the move to the A-SUN. They call it a foolish choice since our opponents are not close as the BIg South.
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By Cider Jim
And the ASUN has no Quiz Bowl tournament. Study :nono
By ballcoach15
Cider, you need to get ASUN to start quiz bowl.

As for my 7.00 shirts, they were not cotton. I designed them for an Army reunion last year. Doing it again this year. Design is in the shop now, hopefully shirt be ready for my review Tuesday.
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By thepostman
cruzan_flame13 wrote:
thepostman wrote:Hard to feel sad about that.
Although they’re still folks who are furious with the move to the A-SUN. They call it a foolish choice since our opponents are not close as the BIg South.
Well the big south wasn't going to keep us around for much longer so it wasn't really a choice. So those folks would be foolish to feel that way. Of course it could be argued had we waited go move go fbs when a conference invited us this could of been avoided. That ship has sailed and so far the move to independence has gone way better than any of us thought possible. So these are the cards we were dealt because of that choice. For better or for worse.

Time will tell.

PS we've moved on ballcoach. Nobody cares what your shirts are made of. As long as you're fully dressed. That's all we all care about.
By olldflame
Until the ASUN starts sponsoring quizbowl, maybe you can continue to compete as an associate member of the BSC, like KSU and N Alabama do in football.
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By Cider Jim
Doesn't hurt to ask, I suppose.
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