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phoenix wrote: April 10th, 2020, 7:59 pm She had a great first round, then was kinda quiet the rest of the time.
According to the Jeopardy! Fan blog, she only answered 14 questions in the first 2 rounds and was first in on just under 20% of buzz-ins. The player from Indiana was first on almost half the questions and got 29 right :shock:
LU Quiz Bowl had a good showing the past 2 Saturdays at separate virtual tournaments:

Saturnalia Tourney at VCU (Oct. 10)
LU novice A over UVa, 300-20
LU novice over Elon, 175-20
LU novice B over Johns Hopkins, 230-160
LU novice B over WVU, 155-135
LU novice B over Elon, 225-75

ACF Fall Tourney at UNC (Oct. 17)
LU varsity over VCU, 325-155
LU varsity over UVa, 305-105
LU varsity over JMU, 420-65
LU varsity over William & Mary, 250-205
LU (JV) over UVa, 255-125
LU novice over William & Mary, 230-205
LU novice over Duke, 305-130
LU novice over varsity, 205-185
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