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By ballcoach15
#543448 I see there is a proposal on the NCAA table to change red shirt rules, beginning August 1, 2018. These new rules will allow a player to play 4 games in a season, and still be red shirted.

On the surface, I do not like the smell of it.
By olldflame
#543971 No inside info, but it looks to me like this would be a very small modification, which would change the number of games a football player could participate in and qualify for a MEDICAL redshirt from 3 to 4. No smell to like or dislike ballcoach. The general rule for all sports is 30%, and with the injury risks in football and current concussion protocols, I would tend to agree that 3 is a bit low to lose an entire year of eligibility.
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By ballcoach15
#543974 The way I read the article, the medical aspect doesn't actually come into play. It was based more on depth for FCS teams, in that a team could play one player 4 games, then red shirt him. Play another player 4 games, then red shirt him, etc, etc.